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I think this book is the book that every graduate, and New and current professionals must have. This book incorporates a lot of great content that we find in our daily life at work. It helps to build your confidence due the amount of knowledge you will acquire.

— Helena

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I like that the info present are succinct and comprehensive with useful visuals! Also found the bookmarking to be very helpful in navigating through the different chapters! Thank you for sharing, and well done!

— Eunice

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Lot of efforts that goes into putting concise clear knowledge in such a clear minimal fashion.

Helps me a lot to train junior architects and Engineers at our Architecture Firm!

All the best for upcoming exciting products and books!

Definitely recommended.

— Tanmay S.

ARCHLOGBOOK Content Pack (PDF Download) - Volume 1 (U.P $60)
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Get your headstart in architecture by downloading of the first PDF compilation of ARCHLOGBOOK post content for your learning and viewing pleasure.

- Crisp diagrams, organised pages!
- 20 topics /420 pages of diagrams in a single PDF
- [New!] Bookmarked now for easy reference.

- Basics
- Calculations
- Parti Diagrams
- Fire Code Basics
- Anthropometry
- Site Planning / Building / Room Layout
- Lighting
- Drainage
- Social Architecture
- Structural Systems
- Circulation & Programme
- Wayfinding
& much more!

Preview the first 12 pages for free:
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